Media evaluation is a significant​ part of quality of democracy index​

csm_Studie_NW_Policy_Performance_and_Governance_Capacities_in_the_OECD_and_EU_2016_b60e0ff9d4The 2016 report by BERTELSMANN STIFTUNG (HRSG.)

Policy Performance and Governance Capacities in the OECD and EU

Containing Sustainable Governance Indicators 2016

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Bertelsmann – Stiftung Site in English



The SGIs’ Democracy Index is oriented toward the institutional and organizational realization of sound democratic standards. Its normative reference point is an ideal representative democracy. The SGI criteria by which government systems in the OECD and EU are measured derive from those dimensions identified by democratic theory as most significant, and contain key indicators by which the quality of democracy can be assessed. In total, 15 qualitative indicators, comprising four criteria, are used to evaluate the fabric of democracy in each country. Criteria include the following:

Assessment criteria for the quality of democracy

  • The electoral process, which includes the rules governing political-party ballot qualification and voter registration as well as the issue of party financing; for the first time, this edition of the SGI also evaluates direct-democracy structures and participation opportunities
  • The public’s access to information, which can be measured by the extent of media freedoms and media pluralism
  • Civil rights and political liberties
  • The rule of law, including legal certainty, the judicial review of laws and the prevention of corruption

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