Transparency in Europe Now! March 23th: Rome.

DiEM25 breaks ground in Italy with its first Assembly to promote its ‘Transparency in Europe Now!’ campaign – a “prerequisite to Europe’s democratisation”

acquarioROME, ITALY, March 18, 2016– DiEM25, the Democracy in Europe Movement, inaugurated on 9th February in Berlin, will hold its first Assembly next Wednesday, March 23rd in Rome. DiEM25’s first event in Italy will serve as the movement’s launching pad for DiEM25-Italia, as well as for rolling out its ‘Transparency in Europe Now!’ campaign.

Understanding The Austerity Obsession

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Simon Wren-Lewis

It has often been argued, loosely following Keynes, that economists should be like doctors.

Martin Wolf writes “The austerity obsession, even [sic] when borrowing costs are so low, is lunatic”. The IMF, the OECD and pretty much the whole of informed opinion agree. Yet those subject to this austerity obsession are in charge of levels of public investment in the the US, Germany and the UK. One interesting question that arises is whether they are all suffering from the same disease?

The Complete article is in SOCIAL EUROPE … Read More